Wednesday 8 October 2014

Your Partner Doesn’t Read Your Book

Signs of a problem: poor excuses; your printout has undamaged crisp corners; he or she can’t answer your intensive quiz about page one.

The symptoms: pain; rejection; loneliness; frustration.

You know that your work is great and you can’t wait for your beloved to read it. Some days pass, and still the printout remains untouched. The pain begins to build. Isn’t your loved one interested in your work? Does he or she believe that it won’t be enjoyable? Doesn’t he or she know what your writing means to you?

Another week goes by and no progress. In fact, you wrote the book faster than your other half can be bothered to read it. Finally, after two months have gone by, you resign to the fact that your sweetheart will probably never read your book.

Break up! If you’re going to make it as a totally splendid hotshot author, then writing has to be the most important thing in your life. If your partner doesn’t appreciate the most important thing in your life, he or she is not right for you.

Even if your partner has read your book, it is important to never let it be known that writing is the most important thing in your life. Many relationships are compatible with being a totally splendid hotshot author, but few relationships are compatible with the truth.

On rare occasions, breaking up over a book may be an overreaction, for example if you share children or… Well, that’s about it really. It’s your book! If there are children involved then you need to ask a few more questions.

Is your book accessible to your partner? If you’ve written a twenty-thousand-word manual for drain covers and your beloved happens not to be interested in drainage or coverage, you might want to cut him or her a little slack. Likewise, if you’ve written a disturbing horror novel it could be considered unreasonable to expect an emotionally delicate spouse to jump at the chance to devour it. On the other hand, if he or she loves futuristic, cowboy adventures yet fails to read your title Robo-Cowboy’s Action-Packed Escapade, then let the custody battle begin.

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