Monday 18 August 2014

You’re Unsure What to Put in the Illustrator Field

Signs of a problem: long, agonised looks at the input box.

The symptoms: mental exhaustion.

Your book hasn’t been illustrated. Nobody could mistake your cover (white text superimposed over a clipart cloud) for art. So what is so difficult about filling in the ‘illustrator’ field?

If your book hasn’t been illustrated, surely it stands to reason that the illustrator field should be left blank? Yet hundreds of authors fall at this hurdle, feeling the need to claim that their book was illustrated by ‘bestselling book’ or edited by ‘crime thriller’.

If your blurb and marketing efforts are so bad that you need to stuff every field available with misinformation in order to boost your book in search results, then perhaps your book isn’t ready for sale.

All you will achieve is to look unprofessional and risk getting banned from online bookshops. Plus, some smug competitor might write a sarcastic entry about you in a semi-humorous, non-fiction handbook.

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